Google allows customisation of Adwords cookie window finally!

25 September 2013

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Google allows Adwords cookie window customisation

Google allows Adwords cookie window customisation

Finally! Google allows the customisation of the Adwords cookie window to more than 30 days as mentioned here in the Adwords blog. I am surprised it has taken them this long to do this as not only is it in the best interest of Google because a longer cookie window means more conversions attributed to Adwords which in turn means more money spent on Adwords, but also because there are many products with sale cycles much longer than 30 days - think mortgages, car sales, life insurance etc. Perhaps Google was worried that advertisers might opt for a shorter cookie window if given the choice.

But wait, Google is still dragging its feet by limiting the customisable cookie window to a minimum of 7 days (which is understandable) and a maximum of 90 days! But why a maximum of 90 days? Believe it or not Google some sales cycles can last even longer than 90 days. For example some software providers offer free trials lasting 3 months with the option of purchasing the software after the free trial period ends. With a cookie window of just 90 days these software vendors are still unable to track many users who purchase the software after the free trial period expires.

My advice to Google (if they will listen to me) is to get rid of the maximum cookie window limit or at least limit it to 24 months and keep the default cookie window as 30 days.

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