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SEO implication of Cufón font replacement

Thursday, September 23, 2010

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Cufón is an increasingly popular font replacement technique similar to sIFR and typeface except it is much faster and does not require the use of flash. Why use font replacement? You might be wondering why do we even need font replacement with so many fonts already supported by web browsers? Well, this is because even modern browsers only support a fraction of the total number of fonts available today. Font replacement techniques allow font types that are not supported natively by browsers to be used and it also helps address EULA End-user Licensing Agreement issues associated with the use of third party fonts. What about the CSS @font-face attribute? The CSS @font-face attribute allows for fonts to be imported into browsers as shown in the example below. However, the problem with using the @font-face approach is that the end-user license agreement for most fonts, including free fonts, do not allow for the re-distribution of the font using the CSS @font-face attribute as this exposes the font file which can be easily copied.

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