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How to tell if a site is using Ajax and why you should care

10 August 2010

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From an SEO perspective, you need to understand how a site operates in order to better optimise it for the search engine crawlers. Ajax generated contents online are largely not indexed by the search engines, and although this is likely to change in the future, the use of Ajax to generate content that is intended to be indexed by the search engines is not recommended at present − this is a classic example of search engines holding back the progress of the web.

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Finally a use for the Apple Ipad

22 July 2010

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No one would argue with the fact that the new Apple Ipad looks great but there seems to be very little use for it so far. Well, not anymore! Apparently rural health workers in Australia are finding it much easier to do their job because of the new Apple Ipad which they now use while on the road and making house visits.

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Google raises the barrier with its acquisition of ITA

3 July 2010

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Google’s Acquisition of ITA signals its intention to expand its "Travel" search vertical but it is also an attempt to assert its dominance and raise the barrier to entry for up and coming and even well established search engines such as Bing which currently relies on the ITA software for its travel search results. I would expect to see more of such acquisitions by Google and the likes of Microsoft as Search engines continue to push to become the one central resource for all online searches. Other verticals search engines are likely to turn their attention includes hotel bookings, insurance and music downloads.

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WordPress 3.0 Thelanious released!

21 June 2010

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Wordpress 3.0 code named Thenolious has been released and from what I have seen playing around with it, it looks promising and even comes with a brand new default theme finally! I have written a few comments about some of the new features below. By the way this blog is now running on Wordpress Thenolious. A new default theme called Twenty Ten: Twenty Ten is plain and simple yet elegant and easily customisable. It allows you to change the top banner image or remove it all together and set a background image or colour all within Wordpress without having to edit any source code. A lot of people would find this feature useful. It also means you can set up a decent looking site with very little effort.

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Google TV revolution and the implications

25 May 2010

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Google announced a few days ago it had teamed up with Intel, Sony and Logitech to release the Google TV platform which should be available towards the end of the year as a set-top box to connect to existing TVs or as a built-in feature for new TV sets and Blu-Ray players. I for one I am very excited about this latest development and I believe Google TV is set to revolutionise the way we watch TV and use the internet. Frankly speaking, I have been waiting for this for a long time and I never understood why this wasn’t possible. Sure there were a few companies that offered some form of web on TV but none of those ever felt like the full web on TV experience. With Google TV I have a good feeling about it.

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