Finally a use for the Apple Ipad

Apple Ipad

No one would argue with the fact that the new Apple Ipad looks great but there seems to be very little use for it so far. Well, not anymore! Apparently rural health workers in Australia are finding it much easier to do their job using the new Apple Ipad which is more flexible and easy to use without having to sit down and flip open their laptops as previous required. Now with the Ipad they can stand and talk to their, often reluctant, patients while inputing the information into their Ipad at the same time.

I have also heard reports that some “fancy” restaurants are replacing their menus with the Ipad. What I would like to know however is how personal users are using their Ipad especially those who already own an Iphone which I can imagine is at least 95%.

On a side note, I was looking forward to getting the new Iphone 4 but with all the reports of problems with it I am thinking it is best to wait. Let’s hope that Apple can come up with a quick fix for the antennas at least.

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